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Body Healing

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders. 

Tuina Massage

Tuina practitioners use a combination of hand and arm techniques to massage and realign the recipient's muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. 


Reflexology is a relaxing massage technique that focuses on specific pressure points in the feet, hands, and ears. It helps to restore balance to the body, reduce stress, and promote overall relaxation and wellbeing. 

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Thai Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a popular massage technique that promotes relaxation and helps to reduce muscle tension. This massage uses gentle strokes, kneading, and friction techniques to increase circulation and stimulate the body's natural healing processes. 


Ashiatsu massage is a deep tissue compression massage through the use of the therapist's feet. What that means is that this technique manipulates the deeper layers of soft tissue to help loosen the tissues, which helps in chronic pain reduction.

Thai Massage

Thai massage combines compression, acupressure, and passive stretching. These increase the range of motion in your joints and muscles. This can also improve your posture. Helps with back pain

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Our Aromatherapy Oil Massage is an indulgent and relaxing experience that uses essential oils to promote physical and mental wellness. Combining the healing power of massage with the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils, this treatment will leave you feeling invigorated and revitalized.

Pregnancy Massage is a special type of massage tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women. This massage helps to reduce stress, alleviate pain, and improve overall wellbeing. 

Deep Cleansing and HydroLifting Facial

Deep layer cleaning, peeling, steam, facial massage, Remove blackhead, cream mask or soft mask. A four-action treatment formulated to exfoliate, deeply rehydrate, restore, lift and firm the skin for instant radiance and enhanced skin tone.

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